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If you are trying to obtain Cimavax, we can assist you.  We have guided several patients through the process of obtaining Cimavax from Cuba, including for US patients. The process to obtain Cimavax EGF is not simple.  You (or your loved one) must be at stage IIIB or IV of NON-SMALL CELL LUNG CANCER, you must provide your most recent medical records and treatment protocol, and fill out an evaluation form (which will be sent to you after receiving your reccords.  The cost the Cimavax vaccine is $9,500.  One order is typically all that you will need to turn a near fatal NSCLC into a chronic condtion.

Cimavax is a vaccine for lung cancer developed in Cuba that has proven to be one of the most effective ways to treat non-small cell lung cancer particularly for those in the late stages (stage IIIB to IV). The way that the vaccine works is by targeting the protein called epidermal growth factor (EGF)  and many cancers will force the body to produce large amounts of EGF which in returns makes the cells grow and divide with no way to control them. Cimavax is partially composed of EGF which allows it to stimulate the immune response and tells the body to create antibodies which identify and bind to the EGF stopping it from being able to attach to the receptors of the cancer cells. By doing this, Cimavax will cut off the signal that the cancer sends to its cell to grow and divide which in return will slow down the growth of the lung cancer. Cimavax vaccine does not prevent lung cancer but it can change your condition from life threatening to a chronic and manageable condition.




Due to the Cuban embargo, Cuba can only manufacture limited quantities of Cimavax EGF and Cuban citizens are given top priority for this treatment. Therefore, the number of foreigners who are selected for treatment with Cimavax can be limited.

If you have Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (squamous cell carcinoma, large cell carcinoma, and adenocarcinoma), then you are eligible for Cimavax EGF. Small cell cancers simply will not work with Cimavax, nor will combined small cell lung carcinoma (c-SCLC).

Your first step in the process is to fill out your contact information. We will then email you our Confidential Medical Questionnaire and a link where you can upload your medical records. 

We will absolutely need the following to be sent to us and they must be no later than 60 days old for evaluation.

- Report of your last chemo or radiation therapy results (we know that chemo is mostly ineffective against NSCLC but in case you received chemo, the Cuban evaluation team wants to know about it and its outcome). - Report that states the stage of your cancer.
- Any oncology reports that you may have
- Current treatment plan

Once we receive the above, a case will be generated and one of our case managers will contact the facility immediately to get them to review your data and get back to us promptly. Usually this takes about 3-4 days but we try to push for sooner because we know you may be on borrowed time. Once approved, we will require payment immediately (between $9,500-$12,000) as it takes time to send money to Cuba.


If you are approved for Cimavax EGF in Cuba, there is an 80% chance that the vaccine will have a positive impact in your lifestyle after the first attempt. Ideally, it is best if the actual patient goes to Cuba for the treatment but if that is not possible we understand. In that case a family member or friend can go to Cuba to pick it up. We can also have a team member go to Cuba and pick up the medication for you upon request. We will arrange your flights, your airport pickup and drop off, your visit to the clinic, and your accommodations. You will typically be in Cuba for 3 days total. You will be given a supply of the vaccine and instructions on how to use it. Remember, the vaccine will not cure the cancer but it will improve your overall quality of life and well-being.

So if you are interested or have further questions, please contact us now.